CloudSeeds Blog now online

Along with recent updates to our website, we are finally launching our own blog

As of mid 2019, the CloudSeeds website is going through some changes which aim to bring better exposure to our products and services. Along with those refreshments, we are launching a blog that will provide more side information about us as a company. This includes mostly:

  • Information about Events and Activities, Talks, Presentations and Workshops
  • Technology information and news on our products and services
  • Partner news and business development information

Along with regular posts on this page, we are developing plans on newsletters, for which you’ll be able to sign up shortly.

We’ll be happy to see you vising our blog frequently and we hope that we’re able to provide useful and readworthy information.

Automate Everything 2019 – Recap

CloudSeeds First Customer Event Concluded Successfully

We had an amazing time at the Radisson  Blu hotel in Hamburg, where we have successfully concluded our first ever customer and partner event “Automate Everything 2019”. With interesting and relevant presentations about the future of automating IT infrastructures, our partners Juniper Networks, Redhat, Solarflare and Circle B have joined us to deliver an afternoon full of exciting technology topics.

Head over to our Automate Everything 2019 page and download our speakers’ presentations. Also, we have filmed the talks, soon the editing will be done and the videos will be available there as well.

Meanwehile, we already started plans for next year’s “Automate Everything 2020”. As the location, speakers and the date is set, we’ll reach out to you again.