Automate Everything 2019


Thank you for Everything

CloudSeeds first customer event "Automate Everything" has been successfully concluded. While we already started making plans for the next year, we would like to thank every participant, partner and sponsor who made this day possible.

Automate Everything 2019 - Summary and Materials

Operation of IT environments is driven by constant evolution and new, demanding, requirements. Modern and upcoming technologies like IoT, virtual reality and 5G force networks into permanent growth. This is causing serious problems in management and orchestration, which barely can be handled with existing, available solutions.

At this workshop, CloudSeeds presents a way to approach the future efficiently by introducing new ideas and technologies:

  • Distributed Service Networks – Better resource efficiency with multi cloud technology and geographically distributed service locations, from data center to the "edge".
  • Topology-centric orchestration – Using the overall image of a network as a single source of truth allows for great simplification of orchestration and management tasks by automating every possible aspect. Even the most complex networks can be managed and handled with ease.

Below you'll find presentation material that our partners have provided. Event videos will follow soon.

Automate Everything 2019

by Kevin Fibich, CloudSeeds

Automate Everything 2019 - CloudSeeds (622 Downloads)

Automating at the Edge

by Menno Kortekaas, Circle B

Automate Everything 2019 – Circle B (601 Downloads)

Enterprise Automation with Red Hat Ansible

by Götz Rieger, Red Hat

Automate Everything 2019 – RedHat (606 Downloads)